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Public Opposes Public Financing For New Twins Stadium 62% And Vikings Stadium 65% Minneapolis Star-Tribune - January 25, 2004

Opposition Lines up to Stadium Plans  Minneapolis Star-Tribune; February 1, 2004

44 Percent Say No Taxes for Stadiums St.Paul Pioneer Press - MPR Poll, posted on Febraury 02, 2004

Greediest owners in sports  -  Carl Pohlad Voted #3

The No Stadium Tax Coalition is a coalition of citizens and groups opposed to the spending of critical tax dollars on stadiums that will largely benefit two multi-billionaire owners and their millionaire employees.

The goal of this site is to help citizens learn why spending our tax dollars in this manner is not only foolish, but to help you get involved in the process by contacting your elected officials and informing them of your concerns. We welcome your involvement, ideas and criticism. Feel free to contact us.

This site is new so please be patient while we add additional information and work out the kinks.

Thank you

The No Stadium Tax Coalition


On Monday, February 9th from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. at the State Capital Great Hall there will be a Bake Sale for Needy Billionaires.
"It will be a great day for Minnesota when Kids and Schools are fully funded and when the Twins and Vikings need to have a bake sale for a New Stadium", said the Rev. Ricky Rask
Sponsored by Fund Kids First and the Rev. Ricki Rask the bake sale will attempt to raise funds for Carl Pohlad and Red McCombs and new Twins and Vikings Stadiums.
For additional information see Current News - Updates


Minnesota Faces a 4.5 Billion Dollar Deficit....   We are building a what?

Despite the already high tax burden we face in Minnesota, and an insurmountable deficit, legislators are voting on whether we should fund a new stadium for the Twins and Vikings, with tax dollars. This is not just extra money sitting around, this is your money, it is my money, it belongs to every person who pays taxes in Minnesota. In times where we are hearing of cuts everywhere, programs, benefits, there is virtually nothing untouched by this seemingly troubled economy. Everything that is, except a stadium? That hardly seems responsible. As taxpayers, we are responsible for our states well being. When we feel that our government is not making decisions based on what is collectivelly in our best interest, we must tell them. Even if we feel like one small person, you have a voice, let it be heard. When enough of us speak out, we will be heard. You Can Help!

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